Thursday, January 21, 2016

Theater Thursday

It's Thursday and this week's featured Theater Thursday film is a nominee for the 88th Academy Awards Best Picture... Mad Max Fury Road!
Mad Max Fury Road is a new version of the 1979 Mel Gibson box office hit about a dystopian Australia that deals with a deranged motorcycle gang called the Nightriders. While Max (Gibson) is an Australian Highway Officer who is trying to fend them off. In the new version Mad Max, Max is back! Max played by Tom Hardy is living in the fallout of a nuclear holocaust and finds himself captured by the War Boys. The War Boys is the army of  tyrannical Immortan Joe and Max is brought back to Joe's Citadel. He's held captive and used as a human blood bag for one of the sick war boys' named Nux.

When all seems to be going normal, one of Joe's lieutenants named Imperator Furiosa  (Charilize Theron) is sent out in her armored truck to do a gasoline run. When she goes off course and is called out by one of Joe's men he quickly realizes that she's taken with her his five wives he's deemed for breeding. Joe leaves behind the Citadel and takes his entire army out in pursuit of Furiosa. Nux, the sickly war boy leads the chase with his blood bag Max strapped to the front of his car. When Max sees his way out of being Nux's blood supply he takes it and jumps on the Furiosa's armored truck.

Furiosa and the five wives are trying to escape from Joe and head to a land called green space. They drive through dangerous grounds and are in constant pursuit from Joe and his entire army. Will they make it all in one piece? Will Max stay and help them out if it's his only way to survive? Watch and see what happens.

While this movie is a new version of the 1979 Mad Max it is very much it's own movie.