Monday, January 25, 2016

5 Essential Items For A Snow Storm

The past week brought the Eastern States one of the worst winter storms it's seen in decades. Days before the storm blanketed major cities meteorologist warned to be prepared. Grocery stores were taken down to the bare bones, thousands of flights cancelled, city curfews initiated and state of emergencies declared. So what are some of the essential items one should have prepared for when a storm hits? Granted we all know what goes first... water and food (eggs and bread always go first). A part from keeping hydrated and fed here are some items to have if you are caught in a major snow storm.

Portable Battery Charger
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If you've lost electricity then one of these portable battery packs is a life saver. Not only because it will let you keep yourself entertained by using your phone but it could allow you to call for help in an emergency. The one I've linked allows you to see how much battery power you have left on the charger so you know if you can finish watching that movie before needing a recharge.

Winter Weather Coat
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It's inevitable that either during or after a snow storm you'll go outside. Most likely it will be to dig yourself out of the mounds of snow but it could just be you want to play in it. Either reason you'll need to have a good coat that keeps your dry. A great snow coat to have is one that is insulated, waterproof and has a hood. North Face makes a ton of great options and their all filled with goose down.

Snow Boots

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These Sorel boots will keep your toes warm while you dig your car out of the snow or make snow angels for hours. Their waterproof, insulated with fur lining and keep the cold air out. They also come in a variety of styles and heights and look stylish with any kind of snow pants. I have a pair of the short Sorel boots and they keep my feet and legs warm and dry.
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As long as the electricity stays on then movies can entertain you all day long when stuck inside but what about if the power goes off? Always have a thick book on hand to read. If you've got someone else with you then bust out a board game to play. Games can make the time pass and be entertaining. When I'm stuck inside because of the snow I always like watching movies that have people caught in the snow too. It makes me feel like everyone is feeling the same weather.
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When you know a storm is coming everyone grabs the essential items like bread, milk, eggs, water and canned goods but what about the fun stuff? Stock up on some snacks like popcorn, candies, chips and maybe even some ice cream. If that sweet tooth hits or you sit down to watch a movie then you'll want something to snack on. We always have some cookies on hand to munch on during a late night movie.
Be prepared because you never know when that next storm could hit!


Anonymous said...

Totally agree on snacks and games! Hope the storm wasn't too bad.