Friday, January 1, 2016

New Year, New Goals

I haven't made a New Years Resolution in years and instead I try to set goals to accomplish throughout the year. This year I've thought about everything I'd like to accomplish and what I'd like my 2016 to look like. After 2015 being so hectic, I'm looking forward to a calmer and more relaxing year.


We didn't do a lot of travel in 2015 so this year I'd like to travel more. Even if it's just little short trips it's still a trip. We have plans for San Diego and now we are working on Seattle, Texas, Tennessee, West Virginia and our honeymoon.


I love to read but last year was the least amount of books I've ever read in a year. Luckily my mom helped me out and got me 5 books for Christmas so that should help start out this year right.

Save. Save. Save.

Guess who cut off their premium movie channels? Me! Baby steps to big savings. This year I'm focusing on how to cut corners and save everywhere we can.

Be Positive.

Everyone can get caught in a negative thought or has a friend who's a Debbie downer and can bring us down but not me. I'm going to steer clear of the negative nellies and when people start being negative around me, I'll just remove myself from the situation. I'm going to be nothing but sunshine and keep reminding myself of the positive.

Remain in Contact.

Last year I felt like I was so overwhelmed and busy that I couldn't keep up with my family and friends. I use to send out cards for every little holiday and I didn't even send out Christmas cards in 2015 because I was so busy. So I'm determined to make a huge effort this year on sending out snail mail and be better about texting and calling my friends.

Those are my hopes and goals for 2016. What's yours?