Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Akaka Falls

One of the more greener things we did while in Hawaii was visit Akaka Falls. It's famous for it's waterfall and we couldn't travel to the island and miss it.
The falls is a part of the Hawaii State Parks and has an opening and closing time for safety reasons. We got up early to make the two hour drive to the falls. We had tried to go the day before but got side tracked. The falls doesn't take a long time to hike because they have a route around the park. The entire hike is less than two miles.

We chose to do the circle route and it was a pretty easy hike. The state park has a paved route but it's full of steps and uphill climbing. If I can do it, you can do it. Pack some water because they don't have any for sale. Inside their green oasis it's humid and hot. You'll get dehydrated quickly if you don't have any with you. Speaking of the green....

 Banana leaf trees is one of my favorites....
You are surrounded by greenery and wonderful, exotic plants. Then all of the sudden you are at the water fall. It reminded me so much of the one in Romancing the Stone. Seriously I couldn't stop thinking about it while we were there. I kept living out my own scene.

Clearly Beezy and I were HOT. But we got to enjoy the waterfall together. We even got to see some of the smaller streams and waterfalls that join up with the large one.

We really enjoyed our time together at the falls. It was just Beezy and I. He was as always the gentlemen and carried our backpack with the heavy waters in it. Plus I always fill up the bag with snacks for us. I always like to be prepared! We both thought the lush greens and the waterfall were worth the drive. Also to save some money park out on the main road and walk in. It'll save you the 5.00 parking charge.


Selma @ Crazy Little World Of Mine said...

Sounds and looks like a wonderful place. Glad he carried your backpacks. :) That's a man! :)