Monday, August 4, 2014

Raider Nation

On Friday, Beezy and I made the hour and a half drive up to Napa for the 2014 NFL Training Camp being held for the Oakland Raiders.
Beezy has been a season ticket holder for many years and each year he gets included in some of their extra events. In turn that means I get to be included in their extra events as his plus one. This was our first event of the season and it was a hot one. Napa is usually experiencing cooler temperatures but not Friday. It was 102 degrees and no shade was to be found. If you've ever been to training camp then you may know what I'm talking about. The Oakland Raiders set up camp where they have rows of short bleachers to watch their practice on. Unfortunately, those bleachers were facing the sun and not in any shade. Thankfully the organization passed out waters like there was no tomorrow. I think I drank four bottles within an hour.
The Raiders took this photo of us and posted it on their website. Clearly this was before our serious sweating in the sun. We had a really good time though and Beezy got to finally get an autograph from his favorite Raider- Charles Woodson (on his new hat too)!

We also made sure to get some great photos of him practicing...

We also got some good shots of the players working out and preparing for the season...

Considering this was my first time going to a training camp for an NFL team and the first time I've been to any Oakland Raiders event, I feel like it was a good time. Granted I never want to be that hot again because it was hot. I had a tan line on my feet from my sandals within minutes. That should give you an indication at how hot the sun was that day. Beezy has already warned me that the beginning games in the season are almost just as hot. It'll be interesting for sure. I know I won't be wearing a black t-shirt.

Have you been to a pro team's training camp before?


Ms. Emmy N said...

Training camp is so much fun! Great pic of the two of you!

lil desiqua said...

Looks like you had a great time- and awesome that they posted the pic of you guys on their website! The Philadelphia Eagles used to have their training camp at my college, so I know what you mean about the lack of shade!