Monday, August 11, 2014

My Champion

On Saturday, Beezy and I got up early and headed to San Francisco so he could participate in the Spartan Race.

Have you heard of the Spartan Race? It's an obstacle course style 5k race. You have to crawl through tubes of muddy water, climb ropes, leap over walls and let's not forget... run. There is no way I'd ever be a participant but a few months ago when Beezy said he wanted to sign up, I said go for it. In San Francisco it was being held at AT&T Park, home of the San Francisco Giants.

The Spartan Race took up the entire stadium. They utilized the ramps up to different levels, the stairs and the field. Not only did participants have to run 3.1 miles they also had to complete 21 obstacles. I won't name all of the obstacles but some were climbing over walls, climbing rope and carrying heavy items while going up and down stairs. We got to the race with enough time for Beezy to get signed in and get his bib. Since this race is pretty rough they prefer contestants NOT to wear their bibs due to the safety pins and give you a headband to wear instead. I also got singed in as a spectator. He was number 7600! I followed him over to the starting point and from then on I had to head to my seat in the stands.

Since they give all the spectators a map of the course you kind of have an idea where your loved one should be based on their start time and where you last saw them on the course. I knew he first time I'd be able to see Beezy would be running towards the climbing up the rope obstacle. And of course I was right...

 Once those were complete he had to make it up the rope wall and back down. Then he had to hop up and down bleaches in the outfield. There was also a lot of running and jump roping going on behind the scenes that we couldn't see from our vantage point.

After that it was up to the second level of the stadium. At this point I was really impressed. The course was extremely physical and way more than just running. I was nervous for Beezy but he was doing great. Way better than I could have ever done.

 Second Level
 Third Level

When he crossed the finish line I was so excited for him. He went into this race just wanting to finish and he accomplished that! I'm so proud of him and he did great. His first Spartan Race was a success! Go Beezy!

Love you Beezy! You are totally my champion! Maybe with a little coaxing, I can get him to answer questions about the race if anyone has some.


Unknown said...

That sounds so cool!! Good for him!

Why Girls Are Weird said...

Holy man that sounds nuts!

Lucky Lady said...

Way to go!!! Super proud of you!!

Selma @ Crazy Little World Of Mine said...

Holy cow!!!! But good for him!!! Yay!