Monday, August 25, 2014

Weekend Review

Last Monday, I left my old job. I wasn't sad at all. I'll miss a handful of the people and will remain in contact with them but besides that.... I won't miss it. It was a toxic, negative place and I'm glad to have a great new job. However, the great people who I will remain in contact with got me a cake to say goodbye!
It was a carrot cake with butter cream frosting. I think they got me a carrot cake as an inside joke because I use to bring baby carrots and eat them at my desk. I kept saying I was going to turn into a bunny because I was eating so many carrots. They also got me some really nice cards and signed them. They were also very generous and gifted me a Cheesecake Factory gift card. I used that on Friday and Beezy and I ate for free! It as good too!

So I did my last day at my old job on Monday and Tuesday morning I was starting my new job. No rest in between! So far so great! The people have been really nice, I'm starting to learn a few things about how to do my actual job and the best part... I have my own desk! At my last job, I had to share a desk with people. So when I wasn't there other people sat there, used the computer, moved things around etc. Not this time! I've got my own space and can put my own photos down, order supplies etc. So far I've only personalized it by bringing in two frames but next week I'm bringing in more! I'm going to organize that whole cube. I even have a window view.

As for the rest of the weekend, I tried to relax and we moved the last of Beezy's things out of his apartment. Woohoo!


Paul S said...

I'm desperate to leave my current job so I envy you and wish you well.
Your positive attitude shines through in your posts and it's quite inspirational!

Selma @ Crazy Little World Of Mine said...

Yay for a new job and making the cube look cute. So, hold on, did I miss a thing? Did Beezy move in with you? Confused. LOL Typical me. :) Either way, it's nice to get anything done and over with.