Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Turtle Beach

Before I went to Hawaii, I had three things that I really wanted to do. I wanted to attend a luau, go snorkeling and see some sea turtles. Since the luau and snorkeling were both scheduled I knew the only thing that I had to seek out was the sea turtles. Since their an animal that lives in the sea, I knew it might be a little hard to find them because they don't have to show up anywhere for people. When someone in our group said they had seen some early in the morning on a beach nearby the resort, I knew we needed to go there.

We went through the gate and walked down to the beach and guess what? They didn't disappoint. The sea turtles were there and waiting for me.
Since sea turtles are a protected species, signs posted when you enter the beach tell patrons not to touch the turtles. It also tells people not to get within so many feet of them. Clearly we may have gotten a little too close but we made sure not to disturb them. These turtles didn't appear to be nesting but just resting.

We left the turtles alone on the beach and started to wade into the water. Since there was a lot of rocks around in the water we decided to stay in the parts of the water where we could walk. Neither of us was wearing our water shoes and we didn't want to risk getting our feet cut open on rock. We were caught by surprise when this guy popped up out of the water.
We realized the sea turtles were everywhere in the water. They were feeding off the algae that were on all the rocks. Once we got our fill of the sea turtles we decided to leave as not to disturb them anymore. I was so happy that I got to see them. I love sea turtles! These guys were huge.