Friday, August 22, 2014


The last big activity that Beezy and I did in Hawaii was make a trip to the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park.

We made the three hour drive from our resort to see some lava! Sadly, on the big island the only real way to see lava flow is at night and by helicopter. We did however see the steam vents. We got to see craters of the volcanoes and tons of lava rock.
 We were surprised to see how deep the craters really are in person.
 The lava rock has tons of grooves and designs in them due to the lava cooling naturally.

We also took the time to walk through some of the vegetation. We thought this tree looked like an elephant...

It's crazy how all this vegetation use to be covered in hot lava and how it's regrown since the direction of the lava flow changed. It's changed frequently but has been pretty steady since the 1980s. We also took the time to walk through the lava tubes.

 It was a little creepy to be inside and to think that hot lava use to flow inside of these tubes.

If you get a chance to go there do it! We had friends that stayed until dark and they said they could see a little bit of lava flow once it got dark. They couldn't get really close to it obviously but they enjoyed it. Next time, I'm down for doing the helicopter ride!


Nicole P said...

That looks so awesome! On Kauai there were no volcanoes, so that's definitely on my list if we go to another island :)

eHa said...

That all looks like so much fun!